One of the biggest hackathons focused on justice, startup, and innovation.


History of A2J Hackathon

In December 2018, the first “Access 2 Justice Hackathon” by the Legal Hackers community was held simultaneously in four countries: Ukraine (Lviv), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Moldova (Chisinau) and Belarus (Minsk). The main goal of the hackathon was to simplify and empower people to access justice as well as to create products and services that can help them use their rights, fight discrimination or help prosecute with technology. More info about the organizers, participants, and results of the “Access 2 Justice Hackathon 2018” in the “Forbes” publication.


     Who Will Attend?

- Big-thinking lawyers and developers looking for inspiration and community- Designers looking for new ways and ideas on how to use their skills- Developers looking for how to change the world- Students, interns, and beginners building perspective projects

     Why You Should Visit A2J Hackathon

  • Inspiration

    Our speakers will inspire you with mind-blowing ideas supported by real-world examples.

  • Challenge

    Make a great MVP and get a chance to win a prize!

  • Community

    Become part of the warm, respectful and intelligent community of lawyers, developers and other innovators. 

  • Encouragement

    It is possible to create a better world. In fact, A2J doers are already working on that task.