• How many people can participate in A2J Hackathon?

    The maximum number depends on the local LH Chapter host possibilities.

  • Who can participate in A2J Hackathon?

    Students, graduate students, law practitioners, programmers, developers, marketers and designers can participate.

  • Do I need to be able to code?

    No. Participants with any level of training can participate! If you liked the idea or were interested in the project, you can take part in its development, providing assistance with your knowledge and skills.

  • Are food and drink included in the cost?

    Yes. Three meals a day are included.

  • Is it possible to stay overnight while holding an A2J Hackathon?

    Yes. Typically, the Hackaton format provides the opportunity for the most demanding to win participants to continue product development without a break. But for a good night's sleep, it's best to have all the tools you need, including a sleeping bag.

  • Can I participate without a team?

    Of course you can! The formation of teams takes place at the beginning of the first day of Hakaton (see schedule).

  • What to bring to Hackathon?

    Required: Laptop, smartphone, and chargers for all your equipment.

  • Is it possible to present or refine a project started in A2J Hackathon prior to A2J Hackathon?

    Yes. This is allowed. But such projects do not participate in the competition program and only the progress made by the team during the A2J Hackathon will be evaluated.